Law Firm: Ratto Law Firm

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Name: Ratto Law Firm

7161 N Howard St STE 202, Fresno, CA 93720

City: Fresno

State: California

Zip: 93720


Ratto Law Firm is experienced in securing maximum compensation benefits for injured workers. If you think have not been fully compensated for a work injury by your employer, we are here for you! We are based in Northern California and have been helping workers to get what they deserve since 1984. With decades of incredible successes, we are now one of the leading law firms in the region. We understand how big an impact a serious workplace accidents can have on your career and on your family’s finances. Our team of experienced lawyers will ensure that you get justice. We excel at in-depth investigation and brilliant negotiation for injured workers in Northern California, we also operate in Concord, San Jose, Salinas, Sacramento & Stockton.