Law Firm: Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law

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Name: Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law

10505 Judicial Dr #203, Fairfax, VA 22030

City: Fairfax

State: Virginia

Zip: 22030


Fairfax criminal defense attorney Karin Riley Porter is committed to defending and fighting for those facing offenses such as theft, assault, and domestic violence-related charges. She is experienced in handling traffic violations and reckless driving charges in Fairfax, and drug charges of distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking. Virginia criminal defense lawyer Porter is knowledgeable in fighting gun charges, sex crimes charges, and DUIs. She also defends against federal criminal charges such as fraud, drug, and federal sex crimes. Ms. Porter has been recognized by the National Association of Trial Lawyers for her diligent defense of her clients. Ms. Porter previously served as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia.