Law Firm: Hepworth Law Offices

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Name: Hepworth Law Offices

2229 W State St, Boise, ID 83702

City: Boise

State: Idaho

Zip: 83702


Hepworth Law Offices has been serving clients throughout Idaho for over 30 years. Hepworth Law primarily handles cases involving employment disputes, car wrecks and personal injury, construction defects, business disputes, and medical malpractice.

At Hepworth Law, our sole focus is to be extremely well prepared to go to trial so that you are not forced to settle unless you want to settle. It is always the client’s choice. It is critical that your attorney has the knowledge and experience to properly present your story to a jury. The key to proper presentation is preparation, preparation, preparation. At Hepworth Law, we know how to prepare and we are prepared. THAT IS WHAT WE DO.