Law Firm: Coxwell Attorneys, PLLC

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Name: Coxwell Attorneys, PLLC

1675 Lakeland Dr #102, Jackson, MS 39216

City: Jackson

State: Mississippi

Zip: 39216


My daughter, attorney Rachel Coxwell, and I (attorney Frank Coxwell) practice together at our firm - Coxwell Attorneys, PLLC. We focus on bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Bankruptcy is not something that most people understand. Quite the opposite. When you say bankruptcy, people think someone who lost everything. No. Bankruptcy is someone who grabbed the financial bull by the horns and saved their property, their income, and held their family together through a difficult period. Bankruptcy doesn't devastate you - it protects you from devastation. I could go on for days so bottom line, if you are struggling, call us! It costs nothing to speak to us and I guarantee, you'll learn that the law does provide options for you! Call us now!